Vera Tika is a Political Scientist and a Research Associate at the Centre for Political Studies at the University of Panteion, Athens, Greece. Her main academic and research interests include the broad spectrum of the processes of democratization in the Balkans, right-wing extremism in Europe and in the Balkans, Populism, Comparative Politics, Euroscepticism, Conspiracy theories, social movements, political parties, human rights and globalization. She is completing her PhD thesis at Panteion University in Athens (Greece) with emphasis on the political systems of three Balkan countries after the fall of Communism: Albania, Bulgaria and Romania. Mrs. Vera Tika has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Panteion in Athens (Greece) and an undergraduate degree in Social Policy from the University of Panteion in Athens (Greece). She has been involved in different European projects concerning the phenomena of social and political radicalism, the Populist and Extreme Far Right phenomenon, the development of comparative research, secondary analysis, as well as the quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. She is a member of the Hellenic Political Science Association (HPSA) and the Hellenic League of Human RightsMrs. Tika speaks Albanian, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, English and some Bulgarian.