I was born in San Marino on 22 September 1955, where I still live. I am a San Marino citizen by origin since both my parents are from San Marino, but my mother was born in France during the period of emigration of her parents and spoke fluent French.

I am married to a San Marino citizen born in Detroit, USA, where her parents had emigrated and where they lived for over a decade.

I have one 29-year-old daughter who graduated in Communication Sciences from the Italian University of Urbino.

I obtained my high school diploma in humanities in 1974 at the San Marino High School, which was the only high school in the territory at the time. 

For my degree in Psychology, obtained in 1979, however, I had to move to the city of Padua, Italy, as the University in San Marino was established only in 1985.

I returned to San Marino and, since there were no interesting opportunities in the private sector, I turned to the public sector where it was quite easy for the few new graduates of the time to find employment, albeit of short duration, so in 1979 I got my first job as Clerk at the Registry and Mortgage Office.

From 1980 to March 1981, I had the opportunity to replace the Official of the Protocol Service at the Department of Foreign Affairs. I found this experience particularly interesting and it motivated me to continue working in that area.

In 1981, for more than six months, I was entrusted with the post of Personal Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and later, until 1983, I obtained an assignment at the Department of Foreign Affairs under a specific contract;

In the meanwhile, in 1982, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Specialization course for Officials responsible for Diplomatic Relations and in 1983 I successfully passed the competition for the position of Director of the Office responsible for San Marino Communities Abroad.

In 1983 I was permanently employed at the Department of Foreign Affairs with the title of Expert in Political and Diplomatic Affairs;

From 1991 to early 2004, due to a staff shortage at the Administrative Court, I temporarily accepted the post of Clerk.

Meanwhile at the Department of Foreign Affairs, the first Law on the Diplomatic Career was passed and in 1993 I was assigned the diplomatic rank of First Secretary 

On 13 April 2004, I returned to the Department of Foreign Affairs with the rank of Embassy Counsellor and was entrusted with the management of the Directorate of Relations with San Marino Communities Abroad until 28 February 2018.

In 2005 I was appointed non resident Ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the Republic of Croatia until 2017;

In October 2017, I was appointed non-resident Ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the Republic of Bulgaria and to the Republic of Kosovo.