Einstein Ntim leads the Programming, Engagement, and Innovation at the Diaspora Affairs Office of the President of the Republic of Ghana. His mission is to prepare people for the future by building tech talent to bridge the digital divide and inequality across emerging markets. He is the Chair of Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) – a digitisation education platform, which launches tech summits. He is also a Partner at the Africa Future Fund, which invests in initiatives by Africans and Diaspora to use advanced technologies in accelerating Africa’s future. Einstein is a Windsor Fellow, Ghana’s Future Leaders U30 and sits on Singularity University’s Board. Einstein is a Whitgift Scholar who studied Economics & Policy at London School of Economics (LSE), Chinese Languages and Philosophy at Nanjing University, Faith and Theology at the Methodist Church of Britain, Space Technology and Management at the International Space University and acted as British Council GenUK Ambassador in India and China.